Death by Invisibility

June 24, 2015

When I started my business in 1998, I arranged to have myself listed in the local telephone books, Sydney White Pages and the Yellow Pages. Wherever you
live, there will be a local version of the same. There was KatieMac Publicity, proudly in bold (purchased at an extra cost) on the greying ‘white’ page.

Anyone who had a business wanted to be in those phone books. This was very important. People needed to be able to find you. Occasionally we’d see a TV story about people who went out of business, because their listing didn’t run in the local phone book.

It was death by invisibility. Read More→

Next dates for The Dangerous Blog Workshop

Tuesday, 23 June, 2015  

Dangerous Blog Workshops are being presented in Melbourne CBD on Thursday, 2 July and Sydney CBD on Tuesday, 7 July and Monday, 10 August

This is some of the awesome feedback from the debut of this workshop last week:

“Katie gets to the essence of your ‘why’.  She challenges you to feel the fear and do it anyway. I am grateful for some timely guidance that has allowed me to define my future mission and find my Dangerous Voice.” Kim McGuinness, Solo CEO

“Katie Mac is a genius at asking the right questions to get my Dangerous Voice out,” Maree Lipschitz, The Feminine Pathway.

‘Katie Mac shows us how the world is too full of dull to pull your blogger punches. Go dangerous, develop your out-of-left-field hook, get read!” Murray Hogarth, Wattwatchers.

“This workshop was engaging and inspiring. I got what I came for, confidence and determination to write very well.” Timothea Goddard, Open Ground and MTIA.

“Not just an inspiration, but a great source of information,” Nicola Robinson.

“Much more powerful than I ever imagined! Katie has the rare ability to bring her experience, skill and heart to serve people and their businesses,” Theresa Miller, Orange Media.

Click for Information and Bookings:

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Dangerous Blog Workshops: Sydney and Melbourne

Dangerous Blog Workshops are being presented in Melbourne CBD on Thursday, 2 July and Sydney CBD on Tuesday, 7 July and Monday, 10 August.

Are you ready to cultivate an authoritative voice that WILL be heard?

Are you ready to have the massive impact you desire?

Do you need a strategy for ensuring your blogs are read and create leverage for you and your ideas?

During this three and a half hour workshop, you will write your first Dangerous Blog.

Katie McMurray commissions, critiques and edits the blogs of business owners for her Partnered Professional Publicity Program. She is renowned for her clear mentoring of authority voice. She helps you find your authority voice, your wisdom voice and, now, your dangerous voice!

Katie’s has built her own reputation and profile using courageous writing and will show you how.

At the end of this workshop you will have:

  • The most dangerous blog you’ve ever written
  • Great ideas for your next 5 dangerous blogs!
  • Strategy to ensure your blog is getting read.WHO THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR:
  • People who want their ideas heard more widely to achieve massive impact
  • People whose blogs and articles are not being read
  • People who are blogging and writing but know they’ve been playing safeIf you feel fear reading this, that’s a good sign you’re ready for this workshop!


The Dangerous Blog

Monday, 1st June, 2015

Fear is a powerful guidance system isn’t it?

When we feel it, we use it to guide ourselves away from danger.

In our business and personal lives, fear keeps us inside the lines. It keeps us on the paths we perceive as safe and we aim to not upset anyone along our way.

I find it hard to break from fear-based conditioning. As a child, I was raised to fear the alternatives to doing what I’d been told or asked. Parents, teachers and friends warned me what would happen, if I didn’t follow the path as they instructed me or expected of me.

As if they knew. Read More→

Katie Mac Live! Program

2015 Live Events

Introducing Katie Mac Live! Program

Drawing on a thirty year media and publicity career, nearly twenty years running my own business, I’m a specialist for business, business owners and business books.

I’ve put together a program to ensure you can have affordable, easy access to my framework and toolkits. These live events are held in Sydney and Melbourne and introducing Sunday Night Google Hangouts.

Now, there’s no excuse for not getting personal and business profile right! Read More→

Three Year Journey

Wednesday 25th February, 2015
In a few weeks time, a client I have coached for three years will have his first book published by Wiley. His name is Anthony Howard and his book is called Humanise: Why Human-Centred Leadership is the Key to the 21st Century.
Early in 2012, my client Paul Gilding posted a testimonial on LinkedIn. Ten minutes later Anthony called me. He said, “I know Paul Gilding and he has just credited you with his success. I want to work with you.”   Read More→

Can You Do an MBA of Yourself?

I find myself in conversation with highly qualified consultants and business owners. They have MBAs and other exciting qualifications.

Conversations can go along these lines: “I’m finding it hard to define myself and articulate who I am. I think I need a (insert name of degree) Degree so the industry recognises me better.”

One said “I’m looking for the me that shines.” Then she suggested solving this by getting a brand new qualification.

Will another qualification help these people evolve into ME.3?

I have a confession. I beg these clients not to do another degree.

I tell them it’s time to do another kind of MBA.

I invented it and I’m naming it The MBA of Myself. I know it works, because I did it. Read More→

Retraining My Brain to Work in 2015!

I took four weeks holiday over Christmas and New Year. After four weeks of disallowing anything business-related, it took time to get out of first gear. And sometimes I felt like I was in reverse.

Whilst getting back into it, my mind frequently led me astray.  Read More→

Lessons on Small Business Boredom from Coca Cola

26 November , 2014

Coke’s Cute Cans Revive and Excite the Brand Without Changing the Essentials

I love the Coke mini-cans and I’m not even a Coke drinker.  I love the colours. I love the size. I love how collectable they look. I love the cost is a small gold coin. I’m sure one of my kids will have a holiday project of collecting one of each colour.

I also love what they say about doing small business well. Read More→

Who are you on the “Internet of Everything”?

Wednesday Oct 15th, 2014

The other day an old friend messaged me on Facebook. They were looking for 150 presentation boxes (bear with me). The boxes had to be this wide, this deep and this high. And white. And preferably glossy.

Um…I thought. Why is this old friend asking me about presentation boxes? Read More→