This week a business owner told me they were putting on a marketing assistant. I’m hearing this quite a lot lately. In fact, I’ve heard it so often this year I’m going to call it a trend.
Don’t get me wrong I have no trouble with a business getting its marketing sorted. My problem is with business owners not taking personal responsibility for being the public voice of the business. Are you about to let a marketing assistant become the voice of the business?

Business owners know they need to participate in digital media such as website, newsletter and blog and get themselves out there using social platforms. I’m seeing business owners who’ve delayed personally stepping into these essential communication channels. Now they’re bringing in marketing assistants to fill the gap.
So if you’ve avoided stepping into social media platforms, this blog is for you.

Tip One – Getting your Twitter wings
Stop over thinking, have a play on Twitter and see what you learn along the way. Twitter may not be the social platform down the track, but let’s get you using it and learning to be yourself beyond the office lunchroom.
Everyone uses Twitter differently. These are just simple tips to get you going.
Load Tweetdeck onto your computer. Name one list ‘friends’. Now find five friends on Twitter and put them on your Friends list. Check out what they’re doing and how they use it.
Now start a column called ‘clients and associates.’ Find five clients and associates on Twitter (check their websites) and add them to your other list. Check out how they’re using Twitter. Are there two clients and associates you’d love to introduce to each other? Do it on Twitter! Now share something each of your five clients and associates has posted. You could share one a day for a week.

Tip Two – Getting your authority voice
This one will take place in the shower or in front of the mirror when no one is around. Get some attitude about something happening in your business or industry. What frustrates you or which problem can you see and have answers to that everyone is floundering with? Have a rant at the mirror or the shower head. Tell us what the problem is and why it exists, Tell us what people don’t realise about this issue. Then tell us about the solution you see.
Later that day write it all down. 500 words limit.

Congratulations on your first blog!

You don’t have to publish this blog. Just using the authority voice muscle is a great start. Share it with one or two trusted people if you like.
Do it again next week. Now you have two blogs. It might just be time to get a blog tab on your site. Then it might be time to post the link to your blog on Twitter. Message your clients and associates and let them know you’ve posted your first blog. Email a bunch of others to let them know. Get it out there.

Tip Three
There is no Tip Three. Tip One and Two will be challenging enough. This exercise was about stretching some muscles, getting some basic technical knowledge and losing some fear.

Now, do you still need a marketing assistant when you’re the voice?