Last week I overheard someone say publicity and media coverage were to be feared by the intelligent business owner; because media need to simplify you.Their view of you needs to be two dimensional; indeed –they might ignore the very things you uniquely bring to your business.

I mostly work with Managing Directors whose businesses speak very strongly to who they are and what they care about. They’re often unique consultants. And if, like them, you’ve spent valuable time; an emotional rollercoaster and significant intellectual effort becoming the person you are and forming the business you have; I can see why simplification would be an alarming prospect.

Why on earth would you risk dumbing yourself down in order to become better known?

Thing is, though:quality publicity and media coverage aren’t about simplification. Simplification is unattractive to quality media. They want to see you rich with story possibilities and ready with opinions. They want to hear about your layers and your back story. In fact, this is what makes you an attractive and credible person for them.

And yes, they need you to be definitive. But that’s not the same as simple.

Becoming definitive is a different process. You need to step up in order to become definitive. You need to know a fair bit about yourself and where your business is going to develop a definitive public profile. Otherwise the publicity will stick for a few minutes before sliding down the wall. Definitive publicity positions you with quality that will stay forever. It has a shelf life way beyond the issues of the day.

Once you’ve found a definitive position and been successfully pitched into media; they expand on your story when they interview you. And everything they say about you will come from a strong foundation.  This foundation is formed from the layers of who you are and how you got here. And all your subsequent publicity campaigns can come from that same point. You will be understood, respected and appreciated for the niche you carved with your definitive story.

It’s one thing to be the Yellow Guy. But the Yellow Guy will build a stronger public profile and foundation if he show he’s the Yellow Guy made with green and blue. Your primary colours will lay the strongest foundation for publicity and public profile. Make sure you work to define them.