I had a call from a business owner who feels left behind by her competitors.  Here’s what she said; “They’re out there getting attention instead of us and what they’re saying isn’t even very good.” Ouch. It’s as if there’s a party on, and you haven’t been invited.

Why didn’t we get asked to do the interview? Why aren’t we running that session at the conference? Why isn’t anyone seeing how good I am? Hello–I’m over here!

The answer is pretty simple. Your competitor has been brushing up on their public profile. They’re not going to miss any party invitations. They’ve made their presence felt and voice heard whilst you were busy with your head down.  And yes, you may be a better source of industry observations and insights; but unless you’re out there; who’s to know you can be the life of the party?

One of the typical failings of business owners is to avoid engaging and updating their online presence. Perhaps being busy; they fail to notice that the party has moved online. So if you’re not visible or participating there, you’re going to miss out on invitations.

  • So let’s get your party started.
    Blog – your conversation starter. If you’re not talking at a party, you can be certain of one thing: nobody will know what you‘re thinking. Stop over thinking it. Open a blog tab on your website and next time you leave a client, note what they valued in the conversation. Chances are it was an insight others would also appreciate.  Now jot down 400 words and post it. Do it once again in a week or two and you might feel like you’ve got something to say at the party.
  • Be sociable – LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram are simply tools for you to share, relate and network. Imagine you’re at the opening night cocktail party for a conference. There’s someone in the room you’ve admired for years. There’s another one you used to work with, but haven’t caught up since you branched out on your own. And there’s that person you’d love to collaborate with on a new project.  Social media is like a big cocktail party. Start being sociable.
  • Website–OK, so your site hasn’t been updated for two (or more!) years. It doesn’t quite reflect where you’re at now and you don’t have time or money for a complete revamp. Sometimes we don’t need a new suit or dress just for this party; so we buy a tie or jewellery to freshen our look.  Most websites are tabs and content. If you’ve been paralysed and overwhelmed about a whole new site and it’s sitting there out of date; please make some basic changes to freshen up.  Add recent testimonials; ensure the
    business and team bios are up to date and your fortnightly blog will let people know you’re a great party guest.

Think of social media and your digital presence as the best cocktail party you’ll attend this year, with plenty of great people to meet. Your blog will make a great ice-breaker and your website fills them in on the back story and key messages. Now go and have some fun!