I’m always looking for the break-through commentary my clients can use to become voices of authority.  I was talking to a client I am mentoring this week, who made a surprising comment about their market.

Surprising opinions require further investigation!

I asked my client if they’d be prepared to repeat the same comment to a CEO, one of their clients. They said, “No. They wouldn’t thank me for it.”

I challenged, “Really? They wouldn’t thank you to be made aware of that viewpoint.”

They paused. “Well, they’d be pissed off. But then they’d thank me for it.”

My next suggestion, of course, was, “Can you write a blog about this please.”

I’m looking for ways to create cut-through so my clients are heard in the busy market place. Check in with yourself around thoughts you might think nobody wants to hear. It may be the thought everyone needs to hear.

You don’t need anyone’s permission to say it. Just your own.