Yesterday I received a generic email from someone I know. I’ve used his services but am not needing them anymore. I was about to unsubscribe to his emails. Then I thought to myself, this guy knows my business quite well and I know his. We’ll probably both be in business for many years to come. He sends me a friendly update, what’s my problem with that? I get to hear what his business is doing and this is a chance to say hi and wish him all the best.

I’m not unsubscribing.

I spend time trying to bring people closer to my business by writing articles, posting and commenting on LinkedIn, using Twitter and writing a newsletter. I spend a lot of time talking to business owners to find out what they do, how they run the business and especially how they communicate. I can look over a newsletter and better understand quite a bit of that information quite quickly.

Then last night I received a generic email via LinkedIn from a woman who launched a new business last year. I replied and we had a quick email chat in support of each other.
Who knows, down the line there may even be a chance me to refer work to them or vice versa or even work together some time down the line.

That’s the spirit.