I’ve been called a guardian angel of authenticity. Most people who meet me say they feel permission to create their own voice and write with greater confidence.

Hi I’m Katie – or Katie Mac!


I have been in business since 1998, when I publicised the very first Sydney Writers’ Festival, my first of many.

I’ve publicised countless arts events, book festivals; science awards and business books.

The single most important thing I‘ve learned is how to take the threads of who you are and what you know, to build your platform as a respected authority and commentator.

I teach you how to fish.  I guide you to your most powerful positioning and authority. I mentor you to write your own Dangerous Blogs. Then I support you to become active on social and digital media.

I’m passionate about giving business owners the dual powers of their own voice and writing confidence; so they can have the influence and impact they desire in the world. If this sounds like you, perhaps we should have a conversation.


I am proud to be helping all these businesses and business owners find their voice and Blog Dangerously.

Anthony Howard, author Humanise
Gordon Kelly, Australian Mortgage Corporation
Richard Boele, Banarra Sustainability (now KPMG Banarra)
Beck Dawson, Chief Resilience Officer City of Sydney
Jo Balmforth, Celebrating Sexuality Festival
Dr Christy Newman, Assoc Prof. UNSW
Dr Judith Chapman, author You Can Lead
Drenka Andjelic, Construction Assignments
Mark McClelland, Cultural Capital
Gabrielle Martinovich, Definitude Communication
Kari Baynes, Different Strokes Swimming
Dr Judith Chapman
Helen Zee, Fertile Cosmos
Leanne Mitchell

Jane Cockburn, Kairos Now
Ted Surette, Leader KPMG
Maria, Ioia, Market Intelligence Agency
Max Hardy
Nic Tovey
Suzi Skinner, Roar People
Dr Sarah Barns
Lynnette Dickinson, Splendour Yoga
Amanda Choy, Sustainabiz
Suzi Skinner, author Leader Identity
Martina Hughes, Tantric Blossoming
Katrina James, Think Ergonomics
Fergus Nelson, Walking With an Open Heart
Dr Joanna Hickey, Wellness Medicine
Michelle Fiegehen, Yempo Solutions


My past as an event publicist taught me how to build memorable campaigns with intelligent people who have brilliant ideas.

My clients have included:

Brisbane Writers’ Festival  
Festival of Dangerous Ideas  
Ipac financial care
Allen and Unwin
Iggy Pintado, author Connection Generation
Robbie Sefton
Michael Yardney
Tony Melvin and Ed Chan
Lucy Perry
Reeldance Film Festival

Sydney Writers Festival  
RU OK Day  
Australian Museum Eureka Prizes  
Random House
Pro Solutions
Valerie Khoo, founder, Australian Writers’ Centre
School of Life
Arun Abey
Laser Tag
NSW Premier’s Literary Awards

Plus many, many more over 20 years of business.


My specialist business and business book publicity work showed me how to create authentic and authoritative presence for individuals so they may achieve global influence and impact. 

My clients have included:

Tony Melvin
Ricky Nowak
Iggy Pintado
Cyril Peupion
Valerie Khoo

Richard Boele
Paul Gilding
Avril Henry
Connie Henson
Anthony Howard



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