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A word from a national media commentator

Katie is so much more than a consummate PR professional. She has taken me from being known within my profession to being a commentator on national media. She is my muse and mentor, helping and cajoling me into shaping what I have to say into stories that create the change I’m after.”

Richard Boele, Partner KPMG Banarra 

A Humanitarian Leader Finds Her Voice - Martina Hughes, Owner, Tantric Blossoming

Do you know you have a worthwhile message? But you’re not reaching the people who need to hear it?

Until Martina Hughes worked with KatieMac Publicity, she had that problem.

As the founder of Tantric Blossoming, she had a high profile in a niche market. But to achieve her goals she needed to reach a mainstream audience.

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Industry Leader Overcomes Invisibility Through Blogging - Michelle Fiegehen, CEO, Yempo

Do you feel invisible to prospects? Michelle Fiegehen, founder and CEO of Yempo, knew she was.

Yempo is based in the Phillipines, but most of Michelle’s clients are in Australia. How could she be in one country and establish a high profile in other countries?

Then Michelle began working with KatieMac Publicity to tackle that invisibility.