Creating a crescendo of dangerous blogs

We are delighted to share these dangerous blogs from KatieMac Publicity clients.

Imagine your voice sounding this dangerous!


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Martina Hughes - Wall Street Powered by Sex

“I have no doubt that sexuality is expressed through finance and power…It activates their desire to consume and possess.” Martina Hughes, Director Tantric Blossoming.

Suddenly, during the 1980s money, power and corporate deals became sexy and Wall Street was the place to be. Traders, bankers and corporate brokers went from being overlooked by society to being perceived as glamorous.

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Mark McClellend - The Argument for Better Development Process

“We see a profoundly and rapidly changing operating environment for governments and developers. People are just not going to be ignored, and they’re not going to accept poor consultation processes.” Mark McClelland, Principal and Creative Director at Cultural Capital.

The most recognisable characteristic of Australian urban development is the adversarial nature of its process. Every day brings highly publicised media stories of infrastructure projects and developments mired in conflict; bogged down in disputes between competing interest groups.

Kari BaynesEmbracing The New Swimmer, The New Australian

“Imagine if swimming were part of the induction to Australia. What if we established an SSL course to run concurrently with our ESL programs – Swimming as a Second Language?” Kari Baynes, Director at Different Strokes Swimming and Sydney Swimmers, GAICD.

This past summer NSW’s beaches and waterways have sadly been home to the untimely deaths of adults who’ve been unable to swim. This loss of life is a sad indictment on our ability to ensure the safety of new Australians in our waterways. Who wouldn’t want to join the bronzed citizens lying in formation on the beach and occasionally hurling themselves into the surf, totally at ease with the frothy mass. It’s idyllic and part of being Australian. 

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Michelle Fiegehen - Slaver, That's Me!

'The comments about Yempo’s exploitation were met by my staff with great hilarity…One said ‘I never thought a slaver would sit next to the slaves, working in the same conditions and give us share of the company profits’. Michelle Fiegehen, Founder of M2 Offshore Business Tours - professional solutions for your offshore resourcing strategy, and Yempo - Your Employees Offshore.

Last November I published “Patriotism and Offshoring” which described my journey reconciling three elements of my life. There was internal conflict between my chosen field of work, being Australian and being a global citizen. I did expect some criticism when I published, but that didn’t make being called a slaver any less unpleasant.

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Martina Hughes - Don't Quit Your Day Job

“People laugh when they meet me now as a Tantra Teacher and discover that I used to be a Chartered Accountant. To me, it seems natural. My business skills have come in useful many times over the last 11 years of creating and growing my business, Tantric Blossoming.”  Martina Hughes, Owner Tantric Blossoming.

“Don’t quit your day job!” It was 2002, and, in the eyes of many, I was walking away from the ideal future. I was working as a Financial Controller for a successful company in London that had offered me sponsorship.

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Mark McClellandWhat Future for Public Realm?

“Modern project constraints require that buildings rise from the ground at breakneck speed. So developments created for literally thousands of people to live and work within that would traditionally have evolved over decades and centuries emerge almost overnight.” Mark McClelland, Principal and Creative Director at Cultural Capital.

It is universally understood that the quality of public realm determines the liveability of cities and towns. Accessible to all, public realm is the connective tissue of urban design, linking the individual elements of our built environment. Public realm comprises the everyday spaces where we often work, think, play, meet and socialise.

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Kari Baynes - Are You Scared Of Drowning, Too?

“I realise my own family went through a drowning incident when I was very young…an ambulance was called and he was very fortunately brought back to life. This situation was rarely spoken of in the family” Kari Baynes, Director at Different Strokes Swimming and Sydney Swimmers, GAICD.

Her eyes appeared to smart as she held back the tears. Her fear was palpable. The tenacity and determination she had mustered to get here. Rushing to get here in her busy life. She must learn, if for no other reason than the sake of her son. Yes, even she couldn’t believe she was here, wearing her neck-to-ankle suit to prevent any chance of a tan, donned cap and goggles. She was poolside ready to have her swimming lesson.

Michelle FiegehenPatriotism and Offshoring

“Are my fellow Australians more worthy of jobs than those in developing nations? Should I behave as Australian first, and a global citizen second?” Michelle Fiegehen, founder of M2 Offshore Business Tours - professional solutions for your offshore resourcing strategy, and Yempo - Your Employees Offshore.

Walking into a room of small business owners in Sydney should have felt like a great opportunity to connect and network; every one of them was a potential client for my own business. Instead, I felt a familiar twinge of anxiety that I would be judged unfavourably for my chosen line of work.